Tuesday, November 4th, 2008….


I Am in Good Company…

While not always for the same reasons, these prominent republicans have chosen to support Barack Obama. Like myself, these republicans have (for whatever reasons) decided to align themselves with the respectful tone of Barack Obama’s campaign. Perhaps it is because he shows a depth of intellect missing from the McCain/Palin ticket, or maybe it is […]

Upcoming National Election – One of the Most Important in History… (re-posted from 09/14/08)

As the election nears, I felt it might be time to re-post the entry that started this project (see below). With the election right around the corner, it is time for all of us to remember why we vote! We have just over a week to go , so let’s reach out to anyone and […]

General Colin Powell Said it All…

Over the last several days I have seen various news programs replay Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama. Remarkably, it has not grown old. While he didn’t make a road show out of his endorsement, he was incredibly effective. He used a calm and practical approach that I admire. It was obvious that he had […]

I Can Do That!

During the last debate, I lost count of how many times John McCain repeated, “I can do that.” No matter which one of Barack Obama’s ideas he was trying to shanghai, he always closed with this statement. To quote Shakespeare,“Me thinks he doth protest too much.” Senator McCain waits to see which of Senator Obama’s […]

Mission Accomplished…

Greetings from Vermont where I am enjoying the beautiful fall foliage while visiting my son and his wife. After a family viewing of the vice-presidential debate my undecided son signed his absentee ballot… for… OBAMA! Hooray!!! For weeks our family members have been trying to persuade him to join us in supporting Barack Obama, but […]

He Said… She Said…

What is going on with the Bickerson family in Congress? Why couldn’t they step up to the plate and pass the proposed buy-out to save our economy? Was it Nancy Pelosi’s speech? Was it the radical right? The liberal left? Or could it have been the spineless incumbents up for re-election? WHO CARES?!?!? They ALL […]

Win, Lose or Draw!

The first debate is now behind us, along with all of the drama surrounding Senator McCain….Will he or won’t he appear? Of course, he appeared! As Joe Biden said in post-debate interviews, he seems to be lurching back and forth between policies. His answers about the economic crisis we are facing seemed incongruous to me. […]