Full Circle…

Thanks to my granddaughter and her wonderful husband, I finished my “rallython”  yesterday with a wonderful campaign appearance by Senator Obama, wife Michelle and daughters(as a Granny, I have to say they are adorable.)  Bruce Springsteen, whose appearance caused a roar of applause from the 30,000 to 40,000 gathered on the Mall in Cleveland, Ohio, introduced our future President and his family. Again, I was fortunate enough to be offered handicapped seating, along with my granddaughter as an escort. Unfortunately, her husband had to endure the long line from 1P.M. until he was admitted, well after 2:30. But, as he said, “It was well worth the wait for this once –in- a- lifetime experience. My vantage point was not as good as at the smaller rallies, but when Barack and his family climbed to the podium I got a clear view and it was overwhelming. Again, I repeat, to see the candidates in person is an experience I will never forget. This may well have been my last important political rally…..in four years I will be almost 90 and I’m not sure I will be able to handle the crowds by then….however, God willing and with my granddaughter’s help who knows?

I thought Bruce Springsteen’s introduction was as great as his music. As he so eloquently put it, Barack Obama is as American as he can be. Springsteen has been singing about our country and its problems for many years and he really believes Obama can fix all its broken parts. When I think of all the endorsements Barack has received I am also sure he can get us back on track. When we think of Colin Powell, we think of a top-notch citizen and statesman. When we think of Warren Buffet, we think of a top-notch financial guru. The list is long and time is running out. But, speaking of endorsements, Barack Obama announced that just that day, McCain was endorsed by Dick Cheney! What does that tell us about how far John McCain has distanced himself from the present administration? The heavens then provided a bit of humor. As Senator Obama made this announcement, without warning, the rain began to fall. How fitting was that? As I watched Barack up there in the steady rain, finishing his speech I realized again how fortunate we are that he is willing to make so many sacrifices for the values he believes in. Thank you Barack Obama.  As I gazed up at the beautiful buildings of downtown Cleveland, I watched the sharpshooters taking their places on the rooftops and I realized how brave the candidates are and how willing they are to risk their lives for our sake. They make huge personal sacrifices of time and emotion for our country and the issues they believe in. Can we as citizens, do less?

Obama also reminded us that we have to do our part. First, we have to keep working to get him elected. Only a few hours from now, those of you who haven’t voted will go to the polls. Once Senator Obama is elected, he will expect a great deal from us. We will all have to work as hard for our country as he will…..once he is elected we can no longer afford to sit back and do nothing. As parents, we must make our children turn off the TV and do their homework, as citizens we must all become more energy conscious….turn off the lights, turn off the power when it’s not in use, and above all……get involved. Pick a cause and then go to work for it!  YES WE CAN,  YES WE CAN. WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I’ll be back, later in the day with a few simple instructions for those of you who haven’t already voted. In the meantime, keep on working those phones and pushing those doorbells. We not only CAN make it happen, we MUST make it happen.

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