Another Star Sighting…

Yesterday, my granddaughter and I arose at 6:30 A.M. and trekked off to Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio. The attraction was Hillary Clinton! The gates opened at 9A.M. and by 8A.M. there was a long line which kept growing. We kept ourselves warm and entertained by chatting with our neighbors in line who were mostly younger, but here and there I saw more and more senior citizens arriving. It was gratifying to see quite a smattering of young mothers with their 8 and 10 year old daughters. I’m sure they wanted them to be inspired by Hillary, a role model who is intelligent, famous and even quite humorous.


When Hillary appeared and I saw her in person for the first time, I was quite choked up with emotion. She looked wonderful…radiant, and full of energy. I was reminded of all that she has been through over her short lifetime and of all that she has overcome and accomplished. She, like her husband, is spellbinding in her delivery. Her enthusiastic endorsement of Barack Obama should certainly inspire her supporters to help elect him the next president of our country. Hillary Clinton should be an inspiration to women of all ages and of all political persuasions. It is women like her who have gotten us to where we are today and she is the modern embodiment of everything our mothers and grandmothers worked so hard to gain for us. Her message today was get to work in the few days left before the election. Talk to people, let them know where you stand and why. Call them on the phone if you can’t knock on doors. Don’t take this election for granted. Hillary reminded us that this is the most important election in the last decade. We have a choice. Let’s make sure we all make the right one.


Tomorrow, we will wind up our star search with a trip to downtown Cleveland again. This time to see the super stars, Barack Obama and Michelle, with Bruce Springsteen thrown in. Wow! Then I will have seen them all before I die. What a thrill for an old lady.


Until my next sighting, keep on working for the Change we really need.

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