He Said… She Said…

What is going on with the Bickerson family in Congress? Why couldn’t they step up to the plate and pass the proposed buy-out to save our economy? Was it Nancy Pelosi’s speech? Was it the radical right? The liberal left? Or could it have been the spineless incumbents up for re-election? WHO CARES?!?!? They ALL should know better! They should know the appropriate time for a big speech, they should stop whining that they were made fun of, and they should try to keep their job by DOING their job. Congress needs to GROW UP!!! I understand, and respect, that it is the Jewish New Year, and our Jewish representatives have every right to break for the holiday. But the rest of them should have been back at work today on behalf of the entire nation. How many of us had to go to work today? How many of us often work on holidays?!? Again, I say, it is time for Congress to GROW UP!!!

Unfortunately they may have misunderstood the pressure “Main Street” was putting on them. We were not asking them to do nothing and go on vacation! We WERE asking them to get this complicated deal done swiftly and with as much of our best interests in mind as possible. Very few of us have even an iota of the knowledge needed to figure this all out. What we do know is that practically none of us feel better than we did on Sunday – not by a long-shot. We simply ask that there is balance between this plan appearing to be a reward for bad behavior and it dying on the vine.

While I welcome everyone’s comments on this – I throw this out there for everyone to consider. Is “Main Street” totally innocent in this mess? Was it not “Main Street” that took on mortgages we couldn’t afford, or speculated in a market we didn’t really understand? Did “Main Street” perhaps charge more on our credit cards than our salaries could support? Wall Street didn’t create all of this bad debt on their own… “Main Street” was enjoying the high-life as well.

My point is this – our nation suffers from a crisis of personal responsibility. For 8 years we have been told it is our patriotic duty to go on shopping, buying and spending in times of crisis. And we did just that!! It is time for Wall Street, Main Street and ALL of us to take a good long look in the mirror – and then we must get back to work. We must move forward understanding that we all played a role in this in some way and we can all have a responsibility in rebuilding our broken nation – TOGETHER.

This is what Barack Obama has consistently spoken of – a shared responsibility for this great nation. He offers a renewed energy in the idea that, if we come together as a nation there is NOTHING we can not overcome. It’s not about you or me, it’s not about Wall Street or “Main Street”, it is about the United States of America.

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