A True American Success Story…

I just moved to my granddaughter’s house and I’m living out of a suitcase. At my age it gets confusing. Must be tough on the campaign trail. Good thing most of the candidates are under 75. Thanks to all of you, as of this morning, we are batting a thousand (hits – that is)! I am excited that so many of you are paying attention to this election.

I know you are deeply concerned about the economy. So am I. Having lived through the Great Depression, I know first-hand how tough things can get. The recent news has all of us feeling insecure and vulnerable and wanting someone to fix it, so we can get on with our lives. This news has certainly overshadowed the war in Iraq and what is going on in Afghanistan. Our next president is going to have to balance a lot of balls in the air and will certainly need a flexible mind. The issues involved in this economic mess are too complex and too long coming for either candidate to quickly come up with the right solution. So, what can we do and whom can we trust?

I still believe in the value of a good education. Looking back through the years, I truly feel that education and an open mind are the keys to solving problems. My parents and their generation suffered tremendously during the Great Depression. But they clung to the hope that if their children got a good education they would be better off. My generation suffered through WWII, but held on to the belief that you instill in your children the importance of a strong education and hard work. Do we not want a president who is a shining example of exactly how far you can go with hard work and a good education? John McCain self-admittedly did not value his education and graduated near the bottom of his class – in spite of having every advantage! And his running-mate floated through 5 different colleges!! Barack Obama learned from his mother how important a good education was and how NOT to waste his intellect. He worked hard and attended two of our nations FINEST universities – Columbia for undergraduate studies and Harvard for post-graduate studies. He headed the most prestigious Law Review and graduated from Harvard Law School with HIGH HONORS! If he were my child, I would be choked up with tears of pride. I can’t imagine the joy his success would bring to his mother. Barack Obama is a man we can ALL be proud of as president – he is a symbol of the dream that is America – and a symbol of the dream that we all have for our children and grandchildren. He is NOT an elitist – HE IS A SUCCESS STORY!!!

My criterion for our next president is a good mind, honed on the skills required to obtain a top-notch education. Obama is a great intellect and he has the ability to carefully and deliberately choose able advisers. Because he is an intellectual, he will have an open mind and will not stubbornly cling to wrong ideas. We need a thinker in the White House, not someone who jumps on the “popular band-wagon” and dishes out what they think we want to hear. Come on, “WE’RE SMARTER THAN THAT”!

I hope you will watch the debate Friday night with an open mind. It is imperative that we all take a moment and truly use our brains to decipher what is said. Consider the value of a strong education, the power of words, and the depth of rhetoric. Think through the spin and don’t just listen to what you want to hear, also pay attention to that which requires careful consideration.

And, by the way, what did you all think of Sarah Palin’s recent eyelash fluttering photo-ops with U.N. officials? What did she learn in her five minute heart-patting, knee-crossing sessions?

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