Granny speaks with the Secretary of the DNC…

Alice Germond paid a visit to the Shaker Square Obama Campaign headquarters today, along with a young actress from the Bold and the Beautiful named Heather Tom. Heather Tom’s family is originally from the Dayton area and she has seen, first hand, the devastation to our small manufacturing towns that Republican economics has caused. The audience today was mainly women, along with a few well spoken men.

The main topic the Secretary addressed was the overwhelming evidence that John McCain has done not one single thing to advance equality for women, or to protect the rights of women. We must all keep in mind that the balance of power in the Supreme Court lies in the hands of our next President – and with that goes the security of Roe v. Wade. It is obvious from his choice of running mate that John McCain has no interest in protecting a woman’s right to choose SAFE medical options.

Women of my generation fought long and hard so that our daughters and granddaughters could dictate the fate of their own medical well-being, rather than their husbands, fathers or gevernment. Our fight was for the equality it allows women and we’d hate to see them lose this fundamental right. In a recent interview Palin stated that she would unequivocally fight to overturn Roe v. Wade. This is by no means what my generation has in mind for our first female Vice Presidential candidate!!! To borrow a quote from a very smart lady I met earlier today – “WE’RE SMARTER THAN THAT!!!”

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