Trust Has Always Been Important to Me…

Trust has always been important to me, as it is for most of you.

I do NOT trust John McCain to embrace the issues facing our ever-shrinking middle class. Anyone who has lost count of how many homes they own, is by default, completely out of touch with a majority of income earners in this nation. If your job is on the line, or your house is on the brink of foreclosure, or the company you own is about to be taken over by a foreign conglomerate – who do you want negotiating for you? The man who self-admittedly has little understanding  of economics? Or do you want the intellectual scholar who has already fought and negotiated for those very people? I DO trust Barack Obama to be more skilled and prepared to keep our jobs here, our factories open, and to get our economy back on track.

I do NOT agree with the Republican’s policies on taxation and their trickledown theories. The wealthy have had their tax cuts and now it’s time for the middle class! Barack Obama’s tax cuts for anyone making $250,000 a year or less are much greater than McCain’s – not to mention Obama also intends to eliminate taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 a year. Anyone with any knowledge of history knows that the demise of most civilizations happens when the “middle class” begins to disappear. The next president must focus enormous amounts of energy and knowledge on the middle class problems and I DO trust Barack Obama’s tax proposal to be more beneficial to a larger portion of the population.

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