Our Hot Topic – The Economy!

This week the hot topic is our economy and which candidate will have the best plan to help us regain our footing. We’re all concerned about our portfolios or the impact the tumbling financial institutions will have on us. I can’t help counting my blessings that John McCain and George Bush were unsuccessful in their efforts to privatize Social Security. A lot of you are concerned about your portfolios and a lot of you are concerned about your IRA’s. Those of us who have been more concerned with our MRI’s, rather than our IRA’s, should take a moment to do some research at a site likeĀ Morningstar.com.

One would have to be pretty naive to think either of these candidates will be able to solve this crisis overnight. But we must use this opportunity for a real gut check. If you are able to move past rhetoric for a moment you will come to the realization that McCain has had almost 30 years in the senate to address this issue, but he and his party have supported complete de-regulation. Now he is claiming that the answer to our problems is regulation. I do NOT trust him to change so drastically. Barack Obama brings a new and modern perspective to this problem and his party platform has always supported common sense regulation.

I definitely trust the new thinking of Barack Obama versus the old track record of John McCain.

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