Tuesday, November 4th, 2008….


Upcoming National Election – One of the Most Important in History… (re-posted from 09/14/08)

As the election nears, I felt it might be time to re-post the entry that started this project (see below). With the election right around the corner, it is time for all of us to remember why we vote! We have just over a week to go , so let’s reach out to anyone and […]

The Home Stretch…

My father loved two sports…baseball and horse racing. He always warned me to keep my eye on the home stretch. Your team, or your horse, could be ahead but could still be beaten in the home stretch. Right now, my candidate, Barack Obama is ahead, but we still have a few weeks to go. Let’s […]

Take a Look at my Photo Album…

I had such a good time at the Joe Biden rally in Warren, OH. I made several new friends including a couple from Wichita, Kansas, a lovely woman who came to America in 1951 from Italy, and a WWII veteran who was a survivor of the Battle of Midway. All of whom were fascinating and […]

Mission Accomplished…

Greetings from Vermont where I am enjoying the beautiful fall foliage while visiting my son and his wife. After a family viewing of the vice-presidential debate my undecided son signed his absentee ballot… for… OBAMA! Hooray!!! For weeks our family members have been trying to persuade him to join us in supporting Barack Obama, but […]