Win, Lose or Draw!

The first debate is now behind us, along with all of the drama surrounding Senator McCain….Will he or won’t he appear? Of course, he appeared! As Joe Biden said in post-debate interviews, he seems to be lurching back and forth between policies. His answers about the economic crisis we are facing seemed incongruous to me. […]

Oh Thank You Mr. McCain… ;-)

Over the past decade our nation has gone through a historical shift in our economy. We have changed from a manufacturing and agricultural economy to a credit/financial one. I am reading a very good book that helps illustrate how our economy has been shifting and what has gone wrong. I recommend this book to everyone—- […]

A True American Success Story…

I just moved to my granddaughter’s house and I’m living out of a suitcase. At my age it gets confusing. Must be tough on the campaign trail. Good thing most of the candidates are under 75. Thanks to all of you, as of this morning, we are batting a thousand (hits – that is)! I […]

Granny speaks with the Secretary of the DNC…

Alice Germond paid a visit to the Shaker Square Obama Campaign headquarters today, along with a young actress from the Bold and the Beautiful named Heather Tom. Heather Tom’s family is originally from the Dayton area and she has seen, first hand, the devastation to our small manufacturing towns that Republican economics has caused. The audience today […]

Trust Has Always Been Important to Me…

Trust has always been important to me, as it is for most of you. I do NOT trust John McCain to embrace the issues facing our ever-shrinking middle class. Anyone who has lost count of how many homes they own, is by default, completely out of touch with a majority of income earners in this […]

Granny Gobama meets Kathleen Kennedy!

I decided to attend the event at Shaker Square and got to meet Kathleen Kennedy. She’s currently speaking about the dire straights our economy is in. She is actually a very good and inspiring speaker.

Today I have some international news for you!

One of my good friends just returned from France where she met and talked with people from many different countries. Everyone wanted to know who she was supporting in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election. When she said “Obama” they were thrilled and several even shouted “Hooray”! I’m gathering my thoughts and will be focusing on […]