“Are You Rich? How Do You Know?”…

Again, I want to thank all of my new friends and Obama supporters for their wonderful words of encouragement. I feel as though my life has taken on new meaning and it is an inspiration to know that my messages have reached so many of you. We are almost there, but please don’t become complacent at this late date. I have been busy making phone calls to Obama supporters on a list supplied to me by the campaign web site, and I hope you all will avail yourselves of this opportunity to help our candidate. I urge you all to make a minimum of five calls and follow the instructions. You will be surprised at some of the opinions expressed and at the enthusiasm of most supporters.

The other day, I shared a sermon from an Ohio church with you. Along these lines I would like to share another message with you that was enclosed in the church bulletin. I urge those voters who are so concerned about their taxes being raised to consider the following words by Mark Simone, entitled ARE YOU RICH?

Each day I make choices that underline and emphasize how incredibly RICH I am.

  • I do not pick tire treads that have duct tape attached to them to make my sandals… I select from over a dozen pairs of shoes.
  • My bath is not at a faucet in the ground, in public, and shared by almost 600 other people… my bath is heated, comfortable and private.
  • I do not receive just one meal a day from my school lunch program, and then set aside some of what I get for my family… my food is plenty, delicious and good for me.
  • I do not live on a pounded dirt floor in a tin single room that I share with over a dozen others… my floors are hard wood with carpets and there are many rooms, seating arrangements and each room is warm and comfortable.
  • I do not sit and dream about what school may be like, or how nice it would be to read, or what education may bring to me… I enjoy a great education that has opened doors for me intellectually, spiritually and vocationally.
  • I do not beg at the traffic lights for wages, demeaning myself just so I can eat… I get a regular pay check that provides for me generously.
  • I do not have to wonder what will happen if I get sick, or injure myself… I just show my insurance card and get what I need, every time.
  • I do not face winter wearing the same clothes I wore in the summer and fall and shivering for warmth most of the day… I have so many clothes that I have a summer and winter storage box so I can cycle my fashions for each season.
  • I do not walk miles and miles to the nearest store for the meager supplies I can afford… I drive and buy whatever I want with so many choices, 24/7

I am RICH beyond belief and I wish I had gratitude in equal amounts to my blessings. But I lack gratitude and recognition of all that I have because I so often want and wish for and connive as to how I may get more. And in this struggle for more and better stuff, a part of my soul withers and I make myself distant from the very God who has provided for me so abundantly.

And in this is my sin… for in my wealth I forget the people I have met who have nothing, yet live in constant joy and peace, in ways that bring them much closer to god.

And then I wonder, who is the RICH person – really?

~~~Mark SImone~~


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