The Home Stretch…

My father loved two sports…baseball and horse racing. He always warned me to keep my eye on the home stretch. Your team, or your horse, could be ahead but could still be beaten in the home stretch. Right now, my candidate, Barack Obama is ahead, but we still have a few weeks to go. Let’s not be complacent. Our work isn’t over. This is when John McCain will be fighting his hardest. He does his best when he is the underdog. My concern is that I may not have reached any undecided voters. If any of you are still undecided, please post a comment. I would really like to hear from you, especially you older voters. I have a list of issues that are of particular concern to the older voter, along with a comparison of where the two candidates stand on these issues. Also, if any of you have any questions or concerns, perhaps I can give you some positive ideas to think about. Or, perhaps you are having a hard time convincing your parents that Senator Obama is the better candidate for the future of our country. This list could be very helpful to you, also.

Yesterday, my granddaughter and I attended a rally in Warren, Ohio, for Senator Biden. It was a thrilling experience! He has a great presence and a warm heart which is even more obvious when you see him in person. I believe him when he states that he and Senator Obama care about the middle class. He told the crowd exactly how they are going to help areas like Warren regain their economic footing. I was particularly excited by the emphasis he placed on Senator Obama’s energy policies, reiterating how these policies would create new jobs and would revitalize the industrial heartland. To me, finding and using new and renewable sources of energy are the two most important projects our country can pursue to secure, not only our future, but the future of the whole planet.

Senator Biden is a wonderful running mate for Senator Obama. What a wise choice he made. To me, his choice of Joe Biden shows us that he will make wise decisions and surround himself with people of this character. This man, who will be a heartbeat away from the presidency embodies all of the qualities our vice-president should possess. In any situation, he would be able to represent our country with dignity, knowledge and a winning personality. The one thing he asked us all to do was to find five undecided voters and answer their questions and show them why we believe Barack Obama is our only hope for the future. I know that none of us will get into any heated arguments about our views, we’ll  leave that to the supporters of John McCain. Just calmly give your reasons for voting for Senator Obama. Good Luck! Let me know how you make out.

Political rallies are energizing and they do reinstall your passion for our candidates. Tomorrow, we are going to hear  Bill Clinton in downtown Cleveland. If there is a rally near you, I urge you to attend. Believe me, it’s well worth the effort. I met some great people yesterday…a charming couple from Wichita, KS, a grandmother of five who raised her three children alone, after she was widowed in her fifties, and a WWII veteran who decided to vote for Barack Obama after listening to Joe Biden! The audience was very diversified and enthusiastic and it was great to see so many young and old all mingling and discussing their views.

Remember our goal. Five undecided voters in the next few weeks. Again I say good luck!

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