I’m Staying in Ohio…

I was due to return home to California next week, but at the invitation of my granddaughter I have decided to stay in Ohio through the election!

Ohio is where I spent most of my life, and I feel a need to be here to see this election through. Yesterday I sent in my request for my absentee ballot and look forward to receiving it. You can be sure I will document my voting on my blog.

I will be staying with my granddaughter and together we will focus as much energy as we can on 85andchange.com. Together we will try to get to more events, as well. By staying, I will also have more time to continue important face-to-face conversations with some of my friends who remain apprehensive to vote for Barack Obama. Having convinced my son to vote for Barack, I am hopeful that I might get through to at least one or two more people. If we can all help convince a voter or two that Barack will provide us with the best hope for change, then we will make a difference here in Ohio and across the nation!

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