Mission Accomplished…

Greetings from Vermont where I am enjoying the beautiful fall foliage while visiting my son and his wife.

After a family viewing of the vice-presidential debate my undecided son signed his absentee ballot… for… OBAMA! Hooray!!! For weeks our family members have been trying to persuade him to join us in supporting Barack Obama, but I think the credit goes to Joe Biden’s top-notch debate last night. Or was it a protest against the thought of Sarah Palin being a heart-beat away from the presidency? Whatever his motivations, I am just thrilled! It was my hope for this trip to convince him that Obama offers the most hopeful future for our country. And I am happy to announce – mission accomplished!

My vacation was certainly enhanced by the news that Congress finally passed the buy-out bill. It appears to be a better bill than the original one, so perhaps the delay was worth it. We shall see.

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