Upcoming National Election – One of the Most Important In History!

At the age of 85 and change, I find that I have observed a lot over the years and, now, I am taking stock of the lessons I have learned. I have spent most of my political life voting as a Republican, but now I have changed and I’d like to tell you why.

Take it from an old lady—as you reach the last phase of your life, you will be less concerned with the amount of money you will leave to your children and more concerned with whether or not you have provided your family with the right tools to navigate this complicated world. You will hope you have taught your children to use their brains and to think for themselves. You will hope you have taught them to strive for greatness, rather than settling for the status quo, but to do this with kindness and compassion. And you will hope that you have done what you can to improve the world for future generations.

The best advice I can give anyone is this—when you walk into the voting booth on election day, go in with enthusiasm and hope. Leave your fears and old habits out in the parking lot.

While the Republicans dishonorably referred to Barack Obama as a lowly grass-roots organizer and a man only of words, they forgot to remind you that anyone who has volunteered their time in their community is actually a grass-roots supporter. They also failed to mention that words can lift a spirit and change a heart. When we look back at our historically great leaders we often refer to Lincoln, F.D.R., Churchill, Gandhi, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King……all of whom were known for the power of their spoken words.

It is Barack Obama’s inspiring words that will help guide us through these difficult times, and it is his words that will work to unite us as a nation, rather than divide us. The diversity in the people who have chosen to support him….the wealthy, the middle class, the poor, the educated, the white, along with those of color, the men, the women, the young and old—they have changed me and inspired me to look beyond myself and the years I have left on this earth.

Remember, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always gotten.” I will vote, not for my pocketbook, not out of fear, and not for my religion. I will vote for hope, for change and the future. I hope you will do the same and vote for Barack Obama.

I’ll be posting more in-depth thoughts on the many important issues facing our candidates, and how I think Barack can lead us forward as a nation. So keep in touch!

And just one afterthought—I would hope in this day and age our president would be at least as Internet savvy as I am at 85 and Change.

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